If- If y’all don’t mind man
Imma just go on and take it
To church one time
For all the haters so they
Know what the real is

When my son was just a baby,
I told him I would make it
Many years later
Can’t afford to keep waiting
Word to my employers
I’ll no longer be patient
Cause the cost of all my loyalty
Ends up in your savings
Well no more
The jig is up,
Y’all only act like we cool
I’m cuttin up like the butcher
If it’s smelling like bull
And I ain’t payin no attention
Til you pay me in full
N**** think he Mr. T,
Boy I pity the fool
That don’t understand
That the silence
Substitution to violence
N****s talking all that gangsta s***
But I’m the one quiet
Might catch you slipping backstage
At a show while you tired
Or have them boys at the tour bus
Serving friendly reminders
You ain’t safe n****
Your career ain’t safe
So keep your jewels in a safe
You know your real n****s fakes
I’m cutting off all my homies
That ain’t got nowhere to stay
Cause when them tables were turning
Them n****s couldn’t relate
When you got nothing to lose
Then you got too much to say
That’s why I handle my business
And get the hell out the way
And every morning and night
I get on my knees and pray
That if I’m ever caught slipping
I see that man that next day
Y’all only act like you rich
Cause all your bills ain’t been paid
Don’t flex your rent on the gram,
You can’t afford your own place
I broke you broke n****s off,
Might break your nose if you play
You n****s think y’all be dripping,
That must be blood off ya face
I barbecue for the smoke,
You talking beef, bring a steak
These n****s p**** like a kitty Katz,
N**** give me a break
I heard you arming up soldiers,
They must shooting off blanks
But if I shoot up the scene,
I’m getting multiple takes
Just be grateful I’m a Christian homie

Aye, yea
I don’t know what it is man
Like, they like to take
My kindness as a weakness
You feel me?
And I just be looking at them like
You don’t who I am, what I am
What I represent, who I represent
Or none of that man, You just talking man, huh
I swear to God I would f__
Just be Grateful Imma Christian

How I make it with no one feeling me
How I make it with no one killing me
How I make it without a felony
How I make it? Watch me watch me watch me
Just be grateful that I'm a Christian homie
2020 I kept the vision homie
I know the Devil out there wishing on me
I’m just glad that he ain’t consistent homie
On me and my 2 kids I gotta keep it together
Get these h**s back in line
Keep they clothes out my dresser
Cut these broke n****s off
Make em settle for lesser
Leave mistakes in the past
So I won’t always regret em
Go beyond expectations
That’ll only upset em
And keep my problems off social
Cause they gon’ judge if I let em
Keep my kids out the system
Keep they mom off a stretcher
Keep my faith in my God
And keep my gun in my dresser
Keep my face out these blogs
Keep my name out the dirt
Keep my killers on call
And keep my friends off these shirts
Keep my prayers going up
Keep my head out the hearse
Keep that money coming in
And keep demanding my worth
Don’t you dare get discouraged
Know it’s all gone be worth it
I used to set up these stages
Now fans is singing my verses
Gotta stay in them churches
I got no fear, just resentment
They tried to pray on my fall
Just Be Grateful Imma Christian
On my mama

Aye, Easy Listening for Hard Times
Shout out to Soul, DeeTay
MIC family man
Everybody who supports me man
And thank you Grandpa
For the wise words
Rest in Peace

(run it back)

Written By:
Michael Brooks