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CeaseLess A.K.A. Roberto “Beto” Batalla was born to a first generation college Masters graduate and a hard working Mexican immigrant father. Born and raised in the crime riddled South Los Angeles neighborhood of Wilmington CA, he was exposed to many different types of music. However Hip-Hop became his first true love at an early age, being inspired from many West Coast artists such as 2pac, DJ Quik, Suga Free and countless others. 

He began to write at the age of Nine, mimicking his favorite artists, to pass the time. He kept this to himself for many years, thinking nothing of it. A few years passed and he was forced to face, both, his fear of public speaking and of sharing his personal writings. Upon nervously reading his poetry to his peers, and believing it would go over unfavorably, it was received well. This opened his eyes to a new world of opportunities and expanded his writing, passed specifically lyrics and, to both poetry and short stories. 

At the age of 15 he met Mike “B minor” Brooks through mutual friends, though the first meeting led to arguments and a general dislike for each other. As the years passed they grew a strong friendship while working as stage managers for various stage productions and performances. Usually staying quiet while B Minor produced and recorded music, he finally felt the need to record, himself. CeaseLess spit a freestyle as a type of audition for studio time. He left his friend in awe of the talent he had kept hidden for so long. From then on they have recorded music together, and he became one of the original members of what would come to be known as the Masters In Creation collective. 

Always pushing himself to exceed his own expectations, Ceaseless is constantly trying new styles and flows. His music has been described as “true” or “classic” irreverent Hip-Hop with a twist of Chicano flavor. It is heavily infused with traditional literary techniques utilized in non-traditional ways. Going against the grain, of what has become commonplace in mainstream music, he refuses to dumb-down his music and finds it vital and necessary to express himself with an expansive catalog of both vocabulary and colloquialisms. While at the same time not giving into the current phenomenon of political correctness. CeaseLess music described in a single sentence stands for, Hip-Hop, Culture, entertainment and most of all complete and utter freedom of expression.

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