Masters In Creation

Masters in Creation is a collective of 4 artist (Mic Bminor, Tombstone Chuck, Jim.E.Watts, and Ceaseless). They all originated from Los Angeles, CA (with the exception of Jim.E.Watts from Detroit, MI). Each artist has a very unique style from the rest, but they all derive from many different interpretations of Hip-Hop. Together, they've fostered legendary mashups of their individual styles to create music that has challenged listeners to experience club rumbling hits, heartfelt lyrics, and gut-wrenching storylines delivered through memorable compositions.

Each artist's unique style is derived from many life experiences and musical influences.  These artist are not new to fame as they have trended locally with breath-taking performances and next-generation releases. They've always pushed the envelope and developed a comfort with being ahead of their time and influential to those they've worked with. 

The mission of the Masters in Creation is to start a movement for others to strive to be the best at what they do in life. It is less about music, and more about freedom, love and happiness. They hope to inspire all that listen to them to care less about general acceptance, while still cherishing individuality. This is the movement... The Era of the Masters in Creation!

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