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This album is what you think about when you’re by yourself, your date canceled for the second time in a row, and you’re drinking Jack straight from the bottle during a Black Mirror binge-watch.

Tombstone Chuck

Tombstone Chuck, formerly known as Chris Smiles, grew up in Gardena, California. He has been writing since the age of 12, a pianist since age 13, and a producer since age 20. Chuck’s villainous style is dark, heavy, smooth, influenced by a variety of artists. From Frederic Chopin, Jimi Hendrix, and Isaac Hayes to Ol’ Dirty Bastard, MF Doom, and Eminem.

Tombstone Chuck’s goal is to spark deep thought with his craft. You may here one of his songs believe you know what the message is, but listen to it again and you might catch the deeper meaning. Stay tuned, Milky Way Galaxy.

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